4 Things could be Stopping you from Healing

When I talk about healing I talk about it is in all levels: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

We all need healing and it is not because there’s something to fix but because we know that there are things stopping us in our lives.

It happened to me the other day.

I received some money and I lost it in less than an hour.

And without losing my mind (that much), tracing my steps in the store I was, where I parked my car… nothing. 

Immediately I saw the lesson which is a scarce mentality.

When you are afraid of losing money, running out of it, or doubting the flow of it, the universe matches your vibration.

Later I actually traced my thoughts from the moment I received the money to the moment I was ready to give it all to my daughter.

I received $90 cash and my thought was that I need to pay my daughter (she works for me). I was owing to her $80, almost the whole amount I just had received.

My thought while I was handing her the money was something like :

“I can’t believe I did not even see/enjoy that money”

That’s not all. We went to the store and she had the money in her hand so I asked her if she wanted me to keep it in my purse(“ for safety”).

Who knew! That money was probably safer in her hands (it probably felt out of my purse that was open).

The 4 things that might stop you from healing:

– Guilt

– Resentment

– Criticism

– Fear

In my case, I see clearly my fear of money leaving me as soon I get it. I did not go to criticism (what was I thinking?, that’s me again, etc). I did not go into guilt or resentment either, because I had already done some healing.

This is an isolated event, but how much of your life you have spent:

– criticizing others or yourself?

– feeling resentment?

– in fear?

– feeling guilty?

Think about that part of you that you want to heal or you have trouble with. Find out if any of all these feelings are there and start breaking it down into pieces. The pieces are easier to chew or HEAL.

Sometimes you may say :

– “I do not know what’s wrong with me”.

– “I don’t know why I keep doing this”.

– “Why I haven’t been able to move on with my life after that happened?”

– among others…

You now have a tool that will help you to see the situation with a different lens and finally heal.


Let’s start your healing journey and RESERVE YOUR SPOT in my calendar for a discovery call.

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