Courage, Confidence or Alignment?

I recognize that I am an outlier 🦄 in many areas of my life if I wanted to compare myself to others. I know some don’t get me at all too and here you are going to understand why 🤓.


❤︎ People have said to me many times that I’m courageous because I moved by myself with my two-year-old daughter from Florida to Hawaii and I’ve been raising her BY MYSELF here in Hawaii 🌈 for the last 11 years. 


🤩 What others see as courageous, it’s simply ALIGNMENT.


As you have heard me before I was coached 16 years ago for the first time in my life and my coach helped me to: 

☞︎ get ALIGNED

☞︎ to BE AWARE when I am misaligned.

☞︎ to get BALANCED when I’m out of balance.


I continue doing that and teaching it to others. 


✅ What I’m sharing with you here is that you DON’T NEED the courage to do things that make you uncomfortable, or put you in a vulnerable situation, or make a drastic change in your life.


☄️What YOU NEED is alignment. 


When I was soul searching about my next step in my life, it came natural to me that this was the right path and I just fix it without doubts that all would be more than fine. 


That CONFIDENCE comes from the alignment I am talking about. 


We all have access to it, you are not different. 


That’s why I’m so PASSIONATE about teaching it to others. It has helped me in my life and it has helped many people that I have coached throughout these 12+ years. 


I know it will make a difference in your life. 


➪ We are looking for things outside of ourselves to get better, to get fixed and what we just need is to go within and get ALIGNED, GET BALANCED AND CONNECTED TO OURSELVES.

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