I am Julia,

I work with inspiring souls like you, who want to be more Aligned with their life purpose, Balanced in their lives, and Connected to their hearts.

You will design your life and create the relationships you want to have.

You are ready to transform your life by healing your past and learning your lessons.

You want to make decisions based on your connection and intuition.

I am here to guide you to do that easier and faster.

Your life, your way.

There’s nothing about you that says average and now you are ready to live fully without old programming being on your way.

I am not an average coach either, I have been on my awakening and healing journey for over 15 years.

I have gotten the support I needed because I know my mind would want to keep me safe and in my comfort zone.

You are not alone anymore trying to figure this out on your own.

At one point in my life, I was feeling stuck and that nothing was going the way I wanted it.

I had come back to my ex-husband (yes married twice with the same one) and I was questioning many things including my “poor” decision-making. 

Guided by my coach and couple of healers...

– I learned about the spiritual connection we have with everyone we meet and how they are here to teach us lessons.

– I healed my relationship with my ex-husband and I started my real spiritual journey.

– I understood the death transition and it was easier to assimilate it when my mom crossed over in 2010 and my dad in 2013.

– I got so connected that I decided to move from Miami to Hawaii with a baby. We moved when she was 2 years old, but I decided and we came to Hawaii for the first time before she was one. Her first birthday was in Maui.

When my coach offered her life coach certification class to me in 2010...

I took it because I wanted others to have that transformation and live their lives on purpose consistently.

I did not take the career seriously at the beginning because I did not know how to be an entrepreneur but I was very serious and committed to the clients I was coaching. The majority were executives from corporations.

It was a fantastic experience and exposure for me. I learned to coach effectively and how to present reports of the results we were achieving. The promise was balanced leaders and we achieved it every single time.

I was coaching them in their personal lives and the reflection was in their professional ones.

They got better at meeting deadlines, making assertive decisions, managing their time better, communicating effectively with their teams and bosses, among others. They became better leaders!

After those 4 amazing years I decided to become an entrepreneur...

It was then that I started doing events for moms balancing their lives. You can see clips here: Classes/Webinars.

I have learned so much throughout these years, not only for me but for my clients.

Every single class that I have taken has been for me, looking for ways to heal my life, live it on purpose and become more connected. Now I share that knowledge with my clients as part of my coaching program The Aligned Way.

Besides my daughter became my GPS. The lessons that I came here to learn through my relationship with her. Since she was in my belly has been my master (before that too but I was not aware of it).

She inspired me to write my best-selling book: Awaken Through Parenting.

Since 2016 I have been coaching mostly women and in 2022 I opened my coaching program The Aligned Way to men.

You have arrived...

You KNOW you are different. 

You can feel energies, sometimes they are confusing and other times you don’t know how to handle them.

You don’t feel that you fit in with the “standards” of society or your own family and friends. 

You want to be more spiritual and more connected but being surrounded by the people you are with, doesn’t make it easier.

You just wish you could go on a retreat and come back as a different person or just move to that island where everything works well and everyone gets along.

You are ready to transform one or many areas of your life at ease and by the hand of someone that has been there.

You are leaving all the excuses behind and put yourself first in this journey of lighting the path for others.

Let’s start!



Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) 2015
Mayan Healing (Applied kinesiology, sacred geometry 2012
Hawaiian healing 2010-now
Spirit Releasement Therapy 2010
Angel Mediumship Practitioner 2010
Certified Life Coach and Trainer 2010
Reiki Certified Practitioner 2008
Pranic Healing Certified Practitioner 2008 Natural Health Associate Degree 2005

Other Professional Background

Natural Childbirth Educator 2011 Mana Lomi 2009 & 2010 Lomi Lomi Massage certifications 2009 Prenatal Massage Certification 2005 Natural Health Associate Degree 2005 License Massage Therapist 2004 Marine Biologist, BSc 1997

Continuing Education

Momentum Masters Coaching Program 2020-2022
Divine Living Academy Coaching Program 2016 & 2017

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