Life coaching is for everyone who wants to do things better in life. You would hire a swimming coach to improve your swimming skills, to give you tips and/or techniques and to check your style and your performance to accomplish that. The same with a life coach; sometimes we need guidance to ease our lives.

Usually people look for a life coach when they are experiencing turbulence in their lives: a divorce, the loss of a loved one, moving to new places, starting careers, losing a job, etc. But a life coach does not only help when you are in trouble. Just as people do not go to the doctor for just a check-up, they often wait until something hurts or does not feel right (if they go at all).

The same applies to life coaching: people wait until they cannot do it for themselves and they need some guidance. Even though it would be better to prepare for those difficult moments while you are enjoying life that is not the case most of the time. You could maintain a better balanced life with a life coach and learn tools to keep life stable, so when things that shake you happen, you are better prepared.

Since my practice is holistic, my advice is always going to be from the spiritual, loving, caring, compassionate and transforming approach. I will not tell you what to do; I will give you tools to find the answers yourself. Life coaching with me will help you to find better ways to deal with situations. Many times we were raised in a way that does not give us the confidence and value system that we need as adults. In other words, we learned how to be happy, get married and live happily ever after; get richer, get smarter. We did not learn how to deal with the “downs” of life.

Even if we saw difficult situations in our homes, our parents probably did not deal with them well, and that is what we learned. Also, our models dealt with these situations with the tools they had at that time. We are not trying to judge how well we were raised; we are here to make the best out of it.
With my help, you can accomplish your life goals faster than by yourself.

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