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The Aligned Way

Year long Group Coaching Program is for leaders who want to be aligned with their life purpose, balanced in their lives, and connected to their souls.

I am excited you are committed to yourself to healing your past and creating awakened relationships!

There are times in our lives that we need to look deeper than usual into what brought us to this point.

I know you are committed to everything you do, but sometimes you lack motivation or discipline.  Feeling tired and frustrated are some of the signs of this.

When it comes to your relationships, you put yourself last and take care of others first.

You put some of your dreams on the shelf for the sake of others or because of the beliefs you have been carrying around. But you are ready to take care of yourself to be able to show up fully in your life.

There are times that you feel like you need a break and that something has to change in your life. Burnout is a feeling that comes from trying to do it all and having so many hats that you lose your identity.

You feel that there are not enough hours in the day and that you are not being productive. But you are ready to change that and have some tools to do it that won’t require you to do more but less.

What you need is to heal past relationships (dad, mom, partners) to live in the present and not recreate old patterns.

By doing that you will show up fully in your life and your present relationships. 

And yes! sometimes we will laugh together about our human nature.

Healing doesn’t hurt.

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I know you have tried some things to learn how to feel aligned, balanced, and connected.


  • You want to lead your life very connected and do it consistently.

  • You want to feel certain of your decisions and manage your emotions better so you don’t waste time.

  • You want to be more productive without getting burned out.

  • You want to be more spiritual without trying to fit in a spiritual mold or fighting your human nature.

Success Story

“I just wanted to share with you that all of the things that we have  talked, practiced and worked on, are paying off.

You have helped me to understand my feelings better, to connect with myself, with my intuition, to be more in touch with I really want and honor myself.

I really want to thank you because …”

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Monica Gomez

My Story 

In 2007, I was lost and trying to figure out what I wanted. I was back with my ex-husband for the second time and things were not going well in my life overall.

I wanted to find answers, consumed by negative thoughts and I did not know how to manage it. 

I was complaining a lot, but it wasn’t getting me anywhere. 

I questioned many things like why I was with him again, why the remodel of our house was taking so long and everything was upside down.

I felt very disconnected from myself, from others, and from my purpose in life.

I wanted to become a better person and mom.

I knew that something needed to change. But I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I needed help.

A life coach and two healers came to my rescue at that moment. 

I learned how my spiritual journey was linked to my ex-husband and the lessons I came here to learn with him.

I became aware of my mind and learned how to create better thoughts to get better results.

I healed many things from my past that were stopping me from living my life to the fullest. 

These changes didn’t happen overnight. It took time to learn, practice, and fully integrate what my coach taught me into my daily life. 

It’s said that you truly learn something when you begin teaching it to others.

In 2010, I became certified as a coach at the suggestion of my life coach. I haven’t stopped growing or hiring a coach since then. 

I would love for you to experience the transformation I had.

You are here because you are ready to make yourself a priority and have an impact on the lives of those around you.

In my 6-month program The Aligned Way 1.0, I will guide you so you feel at ease: 

🟣 making decisions.

🟣 communicating with others.

🟣 using your time wisely.

🟣  being more productive.

🟣  becoming the person you are meant to be.

I will give you simple tools and easy techniques that will allow you to heal without feeling in therapy. 

You will have me as your accountability partner without needing to hire more than one professional. 

Success Story

“I have been in The Aligned Way Coaching Program for a year and some change. 

I initially joined because I wanted to have a better relationship with my daughter and husband.

Also to heal within myself and my mom.

I learned that I have wasted a lot of time on unimportant things like gossiping, worrying about money or what my husband was doing all the time …”

Watch the whole video!

Laura Sanles

The Aligned Way 1.0 is a program I put together after all of my extensive training, personal experiences, and coaching career. 

It is a comprehensive program yet simple and easy to follow. 

I combine 9 different healing techniques with my coaching because changes in any area of your life require you to shift your programming (subconscious mind). It may get tricky if you want to do it without healing that part of you that wants to stay in your comfort zone and not change. 

Mindset shifts are easier if we have these healing techniques to support us.

Once you start implementing the tools and healing techniques I share with you,  you will immediately see a shift in your relationships, health, and finances. 

Things start moving in a better direction. 

It sounds like magic and a big promise, but it happens and this is why: it’s all about vibration and energy. 

This starts with your mind, emotions, and healing your past.


You will show up differently in your life and work so everything will reflect that difference. 

You want to: 

☑️ heal your past without feeling that you have to “work” on yourself.

☑️ be heard without being judged but feeling safe.

☑️ be more productive and use your time better without wasting time on emotions you don’t need anymore.

☑️ learn how to balance your life without complicated techniques.

☑️ be more spiritually connected without feeling out of the box or alone.

☑️ be fearless and have positive thinking (genuinely) consistently.

You are in the right place.

The private and group coaching programs have the same framework but are delivered in different ways.

In the group, the modules are delivered in order.

This is how the process will unfold:


In this module, you will start clearing the path to be aligned consistently. By decluttering your physical space, you will find more clarity in your mind. You will learn how to meditate easily and journal efficiently. Evaluating your balance as of now will give you a start point in this journey. You will learn how to plan to achieve your goals. You will be exposed to neuroscience 1.0. You will learn how to create your new set of beliefs.


In this module, you will have some assignments to love and respect your body so it will be easier for you to tune in with it. You will learn techniques to connect with your body and its intelligence so you can make assertive decisions and doubt yourself less. You will also learn how to heal yourself.


In this module, you will master the techniques to use forgiveness as a tool to not only move forward from your past but also to create non-judgmental relationships in the present. You will also learn to use some tools to bring your body and mind to balance.


In this module, you will learn how to recognize and manage emotions to your benefit. You will also learn how to use your vibration to create awakened relationships.


In this module, you will learn how to be connected to your heart and live from there consistently. Being in your heart most of the time will allow you to be more intuitive and don’t use your ego as a resource to solve conflicts within you or with others.


In this module, you will learn to create anything in your life from your heart. You will have a clear understanding of the new beliefs you need to have to achieve what you want. You will also learn how to visualize and use positive affirmations effectively.

What's included?

After our first consultation and knowing that we are a good match for working together, I will send you a welcome package where I get to know you more and know what you want to achieve by enrolling in the coaching program.

You will have 48 group zoom call sessions every week that last between 60-90 minutes depending on the day and how many are in your cohort.

You will have guided meditations/ healing often (it’s easier to implement new habits).

You will have unlimited access to me on Voxer in our group chat.

You will keep track of your progress in a weekly progress form that we all share. You will also record what you need more support from me every week.

You will get plenty of book suggestions to pick from to enhance your learning experience.

What else should I know?

  • One module will be delivered every other month.


  • Our session will be recorded and you will have access to the recording in our shared folder.


  • I will send you reminders and inspiration via Voxer.


  • You will have an easy assignment every week.


  • We will have an individual review of your progress every 90 days, so we can course-correct if needed.


  • We will evaluate your results every 6 months.

  • You will have the opportunity to move to The Aligned Way 2.0. after being in this program for at least a year or longer depending on how we feel is appropriate.

How it works?

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