The Easiest Way to Increase your Intuition

Since we got our dog, my daughter has been more aware of my intuition.

 She has seen it in other scenarios:

  • like driving (so helpful!), changing lanes because I feel that’s the right move (then I tell her how I used my intuition there).

  • or with her almost lying (she has tried but she can’t). She is so honest with me anyway.

  • She has heard me talking to friends and helping them using my intuition.

But now, this is to another level because I am the one calling it to her before it happens.

She even said: “how do you do that? That’s creepy!” and we both laughed. Then: “for real how do you do it?”. I said it’s just intuition.

I tell her to go with Miel (our 8-week old puppy) to the bathroom because he needs to pee. Some minutes later, I tell her now is poop, etc… every single time I am right 😅. Even when she tells me: “but he went not too long ago”, I said he needs to go again for some reason… and the list goes on.

If you were not sold about the idea of using and increasing your intuition to run your business, have better relationships, or drive, I might give you another reason now: “predicting nature”.

How do you do it? Is a question that even my clients ask me.

I will always have the same answer: “calm down your ego”.

Your ego is the one that will stop you from following your intuition because it uses OLD data, things that have worked or not in the past. Your ego also is the logical mind that sees linear and not the WHOLE picture. 

The good news is that you can be in charge of your ego.

I teach very simple techniques besides meditation that will help you.

Contact me HERE, if you are ready to improve your intuition.

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