Books, journals and meditations will be here.

This section is new, so please be patient (you always can contact me with questions or requests).

My pregnancy and my awakening are linked together and that’s why you’ll hear me talking about my daughter and how different I raised her than if I haven’t started this journey.

People started asking me really early on why my daughter was different than their baby at the same age, when she was one, 3, 5, 7 years old and so on. As a teenager those techniques I used to raised her are working great! She is not a “regular” teenager, and I am not a regular mom for sure. The book could help you navigate those challenges, and you can contact me if you need more support. Books are very generic sometimes and we need a more customized approach.

I started documenting what I have done differently until I decided to published it in a book that became best seller in 2016 “Awaken Through Parenting“.

What else...

Some of my clients have requested me to record some of my meditations and life gets busy so I haven’t done it yet, but they will be here for you to enjoy.

One of the tools I teach my clients to be more aligned, balanced and connected is to be vigilant of their thoughts.

It is easier to change and improve anything in our lives, when we know how our mind has been running our lives behind the scenes.

Journaling is one of the ways you can do that.

I teach them an easy way to do it and now I just released my first journal “90-Day Effortless Journaling” so you can have access to it too.

If you want to explore the possibility about healing your life and moving forward with me by your side, book a complimentary consultation to talk about my coaching program “The Aligned Way”.

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