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Success Stories – Julia Vergara

“I was fearful about things when we met back in 2016 and I did not know what coaching was about.

When I met you I was anxious and you aligned my chakras that first time and we started building that trust.

I have been able to heal my past (grandparents, emotions). 

You have helped me through health issues (bells palsy, shingles, etc) to heal faster because of the tools you have given me.

My social and work life have been better because of what you have taught me….”

Chy-Ann Raymond

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“I joined her program The Aligned Way just wanting to find more peace in my day. I do have a high stress career, lots going on in my family and I found that I was giving and giving and not giving back to myself.

What I learned through her program was specific tools, tricks and techniques that I can implement on a daily basis to really see results.

That for me is the true difference…”

Erin Cooper

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“I just wanted to share with you that all of the things that we have  talked, practiced and worked on, are paying off.

You have helped me to understand my feelings better, to connect with myself, with my intuition, to be more in touch with I really want and honor myself.

I really want to thank you because …”

Monica Gomez

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“I have been in The Aligned Way Coaching Program for a year and some change. 

I initially joined because I wanted to have a better relationship with my daughter and husband.

Also to heal within myself and my mom.

I learned that I have wasted a lot of time on unimportant things like gossiping, worrying about money or what my husband was doing all the time …”

Laura Sanles

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“… I first joined first The Aligned Program because I was feeling stuck in my life. I really did not know what steps I needed to take to move forward.

I learned a lot from Julia and her program. Some things that I learned the benefits of writing journals and writing down my goals, having an effective vision board and how to do that.

Julia and The Aligned Way program is different from the rest because you really feel supported throughout the whole time you are with her, throughout the whole program.

You just feel the support, you are not judge in any way, you feel understood…”

Shelby Hao-Tamon (Bank employee, mom of two, fiance)

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“Before speaking with Julia I was confused, recovering my memory of everything that had happened before and trying to identify if some of the memories during the coma were true or just imagination.

Without a doubt, the exercises to regain confidence after that episode were very, very valuable and they were the basis for rebuilding and recovering everything that had been lost.

After the sessions, I was able to start putting all those episodes in order and connecting them with each other. 

Accepting how close I came to dying and that vulnerability had always been there, I just hadn’t seen it before.

And with that I have been consolidating my self-confidence again, knowing my preferences and establishing limits.

Before this episode, and despite having identified the next steps for my professional career in other coaching sessions, Julia helped me make the decision to start with the life projects that I had been putting off so as not to lose comfort or to avoid the cost of moving in the direction in which one feels happy.

The Aligned program also helped me find ways to accept that many things are out of my control, learn to be at peace with that reality, and focus on what can be changed from within.

That internal dialogue that I have consolidated since then, and act accordingly, is definitely a practice that I did not have before”.

William (married, father of two)

“I initially joined The Aligned Way coaching program because I was looking for ways to be successful when starting a new business on my own. 

Boy did I learn way way way more….

During my the time in the program, I began mending with my parents and family.

I learned how to heal my responses and feelings with money.

I accomplished cleaning my bedroom to practice more restful sleep. 

I created affirmations that I actually believe to my core. Versus before the program, I used to just say words that I didn’t connect to. 

I gained knowledge – in real time – with different tools to help me each week when I faced challenges.

 After two years doing life and business, Julia and The Aligned Way skills still turn up.

I was able to grow my referrals, clients, and have those customer renew their contracts. 

I got rid of 10 lbs.

I was able to travel to my dream places and check adventures on my bucket list. I am so proud of myself because I could never imagine spending money before this program.

My communication with my husband has leveled up with less fights. I continue to find the right words to communicate effectively where he understands my point of view.   

 Julia and the Aligned way are different from others.  I did therapy and learned a lot. I’ve watched YouTube and listed to podcasts. I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I was little mad at myself because I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me.  Why were other people “fixed” after therapy and reading books? Or least that was my perception. 

But with Julia, she coached me to follow my heart with life and purpose. 

She guided me beyond staying stuck as a victim of my circumstances.

I call her Yoda because she blew my mind when she would bring my blind spots to the light.

My favorite example is where she pointed out to that I subconsciously choose to be AVERAGE. No fault to me. That is what I was taught.  Once I saw the light of how I was “being,” I thanked that survival thinking, let it go, and built new ways of thinking.

If you were thinking about working with Julia & The Aligned Way, you are ready for it. The resources will come to you to start your journey. I highly recommend this program to everyone!!!! Especially if life is still good but needing a little guidance, if you have busy mind, if you are constantly tired, if there were some traumatic things that keep you in survival mode, if you have bad feelings towards money, if you need permission to take care of yourself and if you are looking to live your awesome authentic life.”

Valerie Bruner (Insurance Agent, married)

“I initially joined The Aligned Way Coaching Program with the idea of regain control of my life. I was going through a tough time personally for different reasons and I felt lost, confused and I felt like I needed an external viewer to guide me in the right direction. Doing the program I learned many techniques to find that. I was able to set u short term goals, long term goals and that gave me a purpose in life. I was also able to identify anxiety moments of fear in different situations and Julia helped me to deal with those situations. 

I personally will be forever grateful for this experience and I believe that is a growing experience.

It is not necessary to wait until we are in a very dark place to join a program like this but I think is very helpful to do so.

I highly recommend the program and I hope that everyone can join it and grow and have a smooth journey in life and continue growing to be a better person for yourself and for others.

I strongly recommend it and I believe it helped me and still is helping me a lot and hopefully it will be helping me for a long time”.

Diego Mantero (Physical Therapist, single)


What others are saying about the events

In our first meeting with Julia, I felt a connection immediately! She let me know about the MASTERCLASS “From Alignment To Action” that she offered and I decided to try it out! It was amazing! I wanted to be a better māmā & partner, with the small yet effective tips she gave, I was able to take action towards that better self! I love her spirit & dedication. She is also very honest Which Helps with accountability! Definitely 1000% must try her masterclass! And as a coach, she has helped me to clarify things in my life that I overlooked or ignored. Grateful for the lessons this program has taught me!
Ku’uleilehua Makekau
Mompreneur of 6 kids
February 2022
Excellent webinar for men. Julia introduces you into a whole new world of possibilities in order to find out where are you right now on the different dimensions of your life, and how to declare and achieve your goals. Great introduction.
Rafael Carvajal
CRO of Buenaventura Port Society
March 2022
Julia was really cool! One thing I really enjoyed about her men’s FREE WEBINAR “The Aligned Way” was journaling and meditation. I am not one to do either and it made me think about how easily I can add those practices into my day. I do not do it every day, but I had never journaled ever before her class. I definitely have recommended her to a few of my colleagues and can’t wait for them to experience the webinar too!
Kamakakehau Fernandez Kimo Adams
Dad of 6 and new entrepreneur
March 2022
Soon to be uploaded
Mompreneur of 3
Soon to be uploaded
Julia’s MASTERCLASS was on point! “What you think about come about.” Everything I needed to hear and be reminded of on a hectic week helped me stay focus, and it allowed me to complete what I needed to do and much more. Her optimism radiated throughout the class and it made me want to learn and be engaged. I would highly recommend and take her courses again. I can’t wait to take for her vision board class to help me start my new year right! I loved her class!
Genevieve Wasson
October 2022
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