One SIMPLE thing you can do to GET more CLARITY

I will guide you through it since you haven’t done it yet.

Organize your closet, your pantry, the trunk of your car, or your bathroom cabinets. Donating, selling, or throwing away things that you haven’t used in more than a year, things that you have many of (big spoons to cook for example was one of mine), old makeup that is not good for your body, etc.

Closets, cabinets, drawers, etc are the reflection of your mind. 

Clutter house, clutter mind.

THERE IS AN ADDED BONUS TO THIS: it opens up the channels of abundance and receiving!!

But why you have postponed it so much?


  • You get busy with other things.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You “don’t have time”.
  • You don’t see the end result.
  • You didn’t know until today about the extended benefits.


Whatever has been the reason, let’s get CLEAR now.

Let’s do it EASIER by following these steps:


  1. Start by making a small LIST of the projects at hand.
  2. Pick one project and ONLY ONE (don’t even think about the other ones in the list).
  3. Block 2 hours of any day to go over that ONLY ONE PROJECT, either:
  • Kitchen cabinets: extra spoons, pans, pots, containers you don’t use, etc
  • Closet: clothes you don’t wear anymore.
  • Bathroom cabinets: old makeup, more than one bottle of moisturizer open (either throw away or start finishing them up before buying a new one).
  • The trunk of your car: what do you need to have there? (clean and vacuum it).
  • Drawers: throw away or donate things that you haven’t used in more than a year and that have been following you from house to house every time you move.
  • Refrigerator and pantry (expired food or food you are not going to eat).


If your house needs a real SPRING clean-up, don’t sweat it: 


Start with ONE and only for 2 hours. 

After those 2 hours of taking things out, sorting, and putting them back or discarded, you can evaluate if you need more time to continue or you are finished. 

If you need more time, schedule 2 hours another day.

When you are done with that one project, you start with another one on the same way.

We get overwhelmed when we have too many things that we have to do and we end up not doing any.

I have heard this from more than one of my clients and this is my tip for them and you.

Contact me HERE, if you need ideas to get organized, declutter and clear.

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