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The Aligned Way 2.0

12-Month Private Coaching Program is for leaders who want to continue keeping themselves Aligned, Balanced and Connected while making a massive impact in the lives they touch.

I am so happy you are committed to yourself to continue healing and growing to create the Aligned, Balanced and Connected life you desire.

The Aligned Way 2.0 is a year-long program for women leaders aligned with their souls. You lead your life very connected and want to do it consistently:

– without the need to hire more than one professional. 

– without feeling in therapy but being healed.

– without being judged but feeling safe.

– without complicated techniques.

What you need is to heal past relationships (dad, mom, partners) to live in the present and not recreate old patterns.

By doing that you will show up fully in your life and your present relationships. 

And yes! sometimes we will laugh together about our human nature.

Healing doesn’t hurt.

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I know you have tried some things to learn how to feel aligned, balanced, and connected.


  • You want to lead your life very connected and do it consistently.

  • You want to feel certain of your decisions and manage your emotions better so you don’t waste time.

  • You want to be more productive without getting burned out.

  • You want to be more spiritual without trying to fit in a spiritual mold or fighting your human nature.

This is how the process will unfold:

You will have a 60-90 min call with me every month to plan the month.

What is your intention for the month:

– Balance (which aspect needs attention)

– A belief ready for a transformation

– Book to revisit or read

– Body connection

– Mastering a healing technique

– Forgiveness mastery

– Emotional awareness

– Vibration management

– Intuitive skilled

– Ego control

– Dream/vision small step

You will also learn how to heal yourself.

You will have another 15-20 min call in the middle of the month. (check on goals, and challenges, and have a guided meditation and/or healing).

Like my other private programs, you will have unlimited access to me as your coach, mentor, and healer (via text, phone, and e-mail).

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