Why Awareness is the key to Alignment?

One of my favorite comedians said when interviewed: “I did not have that SELF-AWARENESS”. She was talking about her relationships and how she had been repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

She had had psychotherapy and she had read some books and only when she put all together is when things started shifting for her. Of course, she DIDN’T DO IT ON HER OWN.

Why do I say of course? 

Because I know that we need SUPPORT to keep us on the right track. 

Changing ways of doing things, mindset, habits, requires ACCOUNTABILITY. 

My clients get that from me. I am not a psychotherapist, but in most cases, HEALING is more powerful, important, and long-lasting. 

What if you could redirect the TIME AND ENERGY you spend on your emotions and your relationship drama?

Self-awareness is the key to change. Without it, we would think there’s nothing to improve, change or heal. It is not something we wake up one day and do, it takes PRACTICE. It also requires the right GUIDANCE and tools.

Let’s say that you have the awareness about changing something in your life, you start changing it, but then you experience some RESISTANCE.

What do you do then?

You most likely give up. It is better to stay who you are than to have trouble to UP LEVEL your life, your brain would say.

So you go back to your OLD WAYS of doing things, behaving and of course, getting the same OLD RESULTS.


Your SOUL wants better things for you, but your BRAIN will take you back to the known.

You will feel OUT OF ALIGNMENT and you will feel DISEMPOWER. Those feelings won’t let you be the leader you want to be in your life. It won’t allow inspiration to come to you or be an inspiration for others.

How could your life change by having tools and techniques that bring you BACK TO ALIGNMENT?

“The Aligned Way” is what I teach my clients.

The Aligned Way will increase your AWARENESS, improve your INTUITION and RELAX you.

These are some of the results you will get while applying The Aligned Way:

  • Your relationships will improve (better parent, spouse, leader)

  • Make assertive decisions (less doubting or feeling guilty)

  • Be more productive (be more inspired – IN SPIRIT)

  • Feel at ease (trusting life)

  • Self-awareness, self-respect, self-love

Join us in this FREE MASTERCLASS coming up and start your Alignment.

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