What Your Children Can Teach You About Yourself

Our children are the reflection of who we are, they are the best mirror that we can find and we could learn about our own lessons through their behavior.

You might have heard this before: any relationship is the mirror of who you are.

I will add also that when you use other people to show you what you need to improve, change, learn or heal, you are equipped with the best teachers out there.

In my book “Awaken Through Parenting” I explain how we can learn from our children if we are available.

You are not only learning many lessons that you chose to learn through them but you are also learning who you are.

When my daughter behaves in a certain way that could look like not positive, I always check what’s going on with me.

If she was misbehaving when she was little I would always ask myself:

– Am I taking care of myself?

– Have I slept enough?

– Am I hungry?

– Do I have any of my needs not met?

– Am I postponing something that I know I have to do?

Is this a mirror of me?

Since your children are the reflection of who you are, you can use that information not only to heal and grow but also to show up in the world shining (authentically) and they will have the best example of you.

Children learn by example and not by words.

Tell me in the comments how your children have helped you to become a better person.

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