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VIP Days in person with me

Have uninterrupted time to laser focus about some goals.
This time will allow you to be more aligned with your purpose and vision, regain your connection so you confidently make decisions and have more clarity and direction.

There are also healing sessions throughout the day so you feel recharged and lighter while removing blockages.

During the VIP day, we will have a deep conversation about your plans and we will set up goals for the next 6 months.

A guided meditation and healing session will provide you with a relaxed and peaceful mind to get clear about what needs shifting for the next level in your life and/or business.

I will help you slow down, open up, and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be.

The process like everything with me is going to be holistic, which means that we will touch base about your:

– mindset (any programs that are no longer serving you).

– emotional state (processing and healing).

– spiritual connection (doubts and fears resolution).

– career/finances (glass ceiling removal).

– physical body care, awareness, and how well you are using it as a tool to heal and resolve emotions.

This VIP day is for you if you are feeling that you need a break, a shift, or a change of scenery. 

 This one-day experience will help you see what is working and what isn’t so you can be more Awake and get into Alignment with your soul’s purpose.

It is designed to help you increase self-awareness and get back to Balance and regain the clarity required to organize your schedule while respecting your boundaries.

It will also allow you to Connect to your heart and make your decisions from that place.

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I will facilitate an experience for you to explore and further define how to live each day and lead your life and business from a place of Alignment, Balance and Connection.

 You’ll be a better person, colleague, friend, and leader because of the pause you did in your busy life and have a gateway within the comfort of your own island.

You’ll be guided through exercises that are magical in simplicity and effectiveness.

You will get the connection, clarity, and balance you are craving.

This quiet time will allow you to recharge your batteries and refocus on what’s really important to you.

Take a break from your busy schedule to invest in your life.

This day is designed to create the space you need to recharge your vision and rejuvenate your passion, run with a holistic approach where everything is taken into consideration.


This VIP day will renew your commitment to your life’s purpose.


You’ll be in a safe space to share your deepest dreams and most difficult challenges both personally and in your business.

Get the Guidance You Crave & Deserve

My coaching is tailored to what is present to you, at the moment. 


I facilitate in a way that blends teaching, coaching, listening, and healing so that we can personalize my coaching to your current challenges and aspirations.


I believe you can access your own wisdom, your own skills, your own experience, and your own dreams. My intention is to help you actualize those areas and live an awakened, authentic, and fulfilling life.


I’ll cover a range of topics from decision-making, communication skills, alignment with your soul, healing your past, creating awakened relationships, achieving a new level of leadership, and deep listening to yourself.

The Setting:
This full day will take place in a beautiful Hawaii location in Oahu, Maui or Big Island.



Big Island

This is for you if:

  • You are a parent who wants to be more patient with your kids and be a better example for them.
  • You want to take a holistic approach to your life.
  • You are an entrepreneur who wants to find more balance in your life without feeling guilty about spending too much time on your business or too much time with your kids.
  • You want to do things YOUR WAY, not in a cookie-cutter way.

  • You are a man/woman ready to heal your relationships (mom, dad, partners, etc) to create awakened ones.

  • You are a man/woman who wants to make a smooth transition between a job and an entrepreneurial life.

  • You are a single parent wanting to create more time for your needs without sacrificing the time for the rest of your activities.

  • You are an entrepreneur opening up to learning or deepening your knowledge about energy, healing, spirituality, meditation, etc.

  • You are a full-bodied “YES!! This was made for me!”

What you get out of a day like this...


  • Renewed confidence in self that helps you lead yourself, your clients, your team, and your family more authentically.

  • Peace and trust in navigating uncertainty in a more bold way moving forward.

  • Clarity of your personal and professional passions and what you value to help you align your work and your way of doing things in the world as well as in your field of expertise.

  • Increased dedication to being the embodied leader of your movement and calling as well as in your home.

  • An intentional presence that will foster deeper listening to those you lead and work with. 

  • Increased self-confidence creates a more effective influence on your relationships and leadership roles.

  • An empowered and powerful presence.

  • Deep listening skills.

  • Renewed wellbeing and invigoration for your life and work.

  • Re-invigorated vitality and hope for what’s possible.


A full day of transformational facilitation based on a holistic approach that combines all aspects of your life and business.


Healthy Lunch and snacks.

Parking when needed.



Big Island


As soon as you sign the coaching agreement: 60%


2 days before the VIP day: $40%



Due to the nature of the VIP day, there are no refunds. I reserve the right to refuse any refund request.

I guarantee you’ll have the exact experience YOU are meant to have. At the beginning of this day, you will set an intention that I fully expect you to meet for yourself. The VIP day is highly experiential, with full body, mind, and soul experiences.

Your result will be your result.

Half day is 3 hours with me, they could be done in zoom or depending on the topic we arrange a location to meet.

We will have the time to cover one goal deeply. It could be healing, or how to plan to achieve one goal, or organize your priorities.

These half days can be part of your coaching program when we feel that you need uninterrupted time to focus on a specific situation. 

They are more powerful than a regular coaching session but not more than a package of sessions or a full day.

Please contact me for more information about them.

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