Indigo children are warriors who come here to depart from expected parameters and open the road for Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Children of these times are different. Spiritually, psychologically and socially speaking, we are experiencing the presence of children of the third millennium.


Studies made by Psychologists (Lee Carrol and Jan Tober, for example) show that the children of the present generation share some characteristics:


• They want to do things their own way (it could seem like they are stubborn);

• They easily learn what we teach them, and learn what we do not teach them too. We have to be really careful what we do or say;

• They love technology (computers, cellular phones could be their best hobbies);

• Very intuitive (telepathic, they even predict events);

• Frequently they have paranormal gifts (they can see spirits and angels);

• Very sensitive;

• They have the need of guidance and to feel safe and protected;

• They are independent;

• They prefer to hear the truth about anything. We cannot lie to them. It is important to be authentic and loyal with them;

• They do not easily accept easily social pressure;

• They are open and understanding with others and are helpful to their friends;

• If they feel obligated, they rebel; they close up and keep to themselves;

• They need to know the reason for anything (“Because I said so” is not an answer they accept easily);

• They view themselves as kings or queens, and they find it weird when they are not treated that way;

• They are precocious, courageous, opportune, honest, and organized; they also have integrity,

• They have a high IQ;

• The first word they learn to say is “no”, and they use it really often (we have to convince them with valid arguments);

• They accept the guidance from people they respect and they have trouble with the absolute authority (the one that does not give explanations);

• They are very emotive, easily irritable, anxious, they have no fear, they are proud of themselves;

• Some could be introverted;

• They do not like others to make decisions without asking them first;

• If they are not understood or helped by safe and emotionally stable adults, they could suffer emotional blockages and look antisocial;

• They prefer adult company;

• They avoid superficial relationships and they like serious conversations rich in content;

• They are very sensitive with food and they prefer natural and organic food;

• They have a very close relationship with nature;

• They need new and stimulating methods of education;

• They need clear structure in their education (flexibility and freedom too);

• They are creative and they like art;

• They offer very close and long-lasting friendship;

• They are open-minded and tolerant, they do not judge;

• In difficult situations, they assume responsibility and encourage others;

• They are very spiritual. They understand their mission in this life and they want to accomplish it.


If most of these characteristics are present in the child, we could say that the child is an Indigo Child. If less than half of them are present, it could be an Indigo Child who has been suppressed.


Indigo is the color of the aura (an electromagnetic field that surrounds all the objects, alive or not). The classification by colors in regards to the personalities has been in place, since Hippocrates (about four centuries before Christ).



Psychologists Lee Carrol and Jan Tober gave the name of Indigo Children to those with the characteristics mentioned above because they were the same found in the indigo color personality.

It should be noted that indigo children have variants, considering that people have some of the other colors in their personalities.

In the same way, there is no one person equal to another, there are no two Indigo Children alike.

Indigo children are warriors who come here to depart from expected parameters and open the road for Crystal and Rainbow Children.


I am not going to tell what to do with your third millennium children, but I will guide you to find in your heart the best way to raise them.

As a holistic coach I have guided parents and giving them tools not to frustrate their kids life’s purpose.

The best parent that you could be comes from how good you are to yourself.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good match to upgrade the way you are parenting.

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