This therapy not only frees you but also helps other souls.

You will feel like yourself again.

We all are spirits (souls) and when we die we go to the Light.


Sometimes some souls decide to stay behind for many different reasons.


Now they become earthbound spirits that need human interaction of some kind to stay here.


The ones I am talking about here, are not ghosts (that are similar but different). 


These lost souls don’t want to go to the Light or are confused.


The only problem is not that they did not go to the Light, but that they join another human being.


The reasons they join a human body that is alive but is not theirs are numerous.


Some unconscious experiences make us vulnerable to spirit attachments.


Situations where we were not completely conscious such as a car accident, general anesthesia, emotional shock, use of street drugs or some prescribed ones, and alcohol abuse.


Some people are more vulnerable than others, but about 90% of people have had some kind of attachment in their lifetime (sometimes they come with us from another lifetime too).


It is necessary to have a consultation to determine if this is the therapy you need. Sometimes you may have 2-3 of the symptoms and sometimes almost all of them.



It is expected for one person to have multiple attachments. If you find one, there will be more behind, and if they have been attached for like 10-20 years, they bring the opportunity for others to attach.


There’s a preparation before the sessions that include some protection exercises I teach. The vulnerability was there when the first one got attached, and if we don’t do certain things differently, others will attach after the first session.


The next seven days after the first session, please do not use any marihuana or other street drugs (mushrooms included), drink alcohol, or use any other prescribed drugs that may have some effect in your energetic field.

For the following week, keep yourself vigilant for changes in your behavior and thoughts. Report back to me the changes you are noticing.


Depending on how long the entities might have been with you, and if it is a long time, it is expected that certain behaviors change and likes/dislikes, to be more who you were 20-30 years ago.

It is recommended to do more than one SRT session and if at the end of the first one isn’t clear there are more, which is usually the case.


Some demonic can be hiding at the first encounter or others scared to interact with me, but not immediate. 80-100% of people are living regular lives with attachments and for some, no major consequences.


For extreme cases is necessary to do one hour per week for months until it is clear. For mild cases, it is more about monitoring yourself, and maybe only 3 sessions might be needed. Each case is different and in the consultation I can assess what’s needed.


Leaving this unattended is detrimental for you and them in both of your spiritual growth.

We will know why the spirits joined you in the first place, and you may need to change certain behaviors accordingly.


This is not a passive process of course (it is not an exorcism either).


You want to be committed to your healing and with the one you are allowing those departed souls to have.


More than one session is needed since one attachment created a vulnerability to get others.


If you choose to do one session, you will realize you need more and that’s why I prepared these options:

– 90 min US$250 (most of the time you will need more than one session).

– 3 (90 min sessions): $700

– Half day (3 hours): $400.

– 2 half days (3 hours each) within 3 months apart: US$700 (if longer than 3 months is US$800)

– Half day (3 hours) plus 3 (90 min) sessions (within 6 months) US$900


This type of technique is transformational and you will get your life back.


The amount of sessions will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing and on the findings during the first sessions (sometimes I will need to suggest more sessions, and you will feel the same is needed).


All services are subject to HI tax sales at 4.712%.


To know what to expect and how to prepare for your virtual session, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

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