happy hour for moms balancing their lives

Between 2014-2015

2 hours with moms giving themselves the time they don’t take at home to think about their lives and desires.



May 7 at 11am HST.

This event is for a mom who:

✅ feels lost in motherhood and is ready to make some time to recover desires forgotten.

✅ wants to have more patience with her kids.

 ✅ wants to learn ways to balance her life.

✅ is ready to learn lessons through motherhood.

✅ feels guilty when she wants to put herself first but understands that this is necessary to be a better mom.

✅ doubts herself and wants to be more intuitive.


In this Free Event you will learn...

– some tools and techniques to bring more Balance in your life.

– to connect to Make Assertive Decisions.

– some tips Manage your Thoughts and Emotions. 

– to be more Efficient and Productive.

– to Create time and Space for yourself without feeling guilty.

– to Keep yourself more aligned with your life’s purpose.

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