HAWAIIAN healing

There are several Hawaiian Healing techniques. Emotions and Energetic cleansing are the base of all of them.

Ho’oponopono was the second Hawaiian Healing technique I learned on 2009, lomilomi was first. I have been practicing it and teaching it since then.

It is based on the energetic concept of how attachment to negative situations won’t let us move on. The technique itself is pretty simple to learn, but requires commitment to actually use it on a daily basis.

Emotional Detachment techniques are also Hawaiian and they are applied to deeper and older trauma and situations that marked our lives and might be stooping us from living to the fullest. I don’t teach this technique, but I am the facilitator of the healing process when I use it.



As a holistic coach, I have learned that energy healing has a long-lasting or permanent effect when combined with a conversation. It is also important to do more than one session and commit to your healing. You are the one who allows the healing to take place.

These healing techniques are included in all the coaching programs.


This is not a passive process where I am the one who does the healing. It is a process where you are actively involved.


To know how to have access to these healing techniques, please schedule a complimentary discovery call. 

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