Achieve this balance with the use of energy healing, crystals, and guided meditation.

Chakras are energy centers that connect our physical body to the other bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, etc). That energy flows freely and intentionally through our bodies.

When there are blockages in this energy, it will manifest in imbalances (mental, emotional, or physical) that we call dis-ease.

I will guide you to achieve this balance by using energy healing, crystals, and guided meditation.

It is important to have daily routines like brushing your teeth, and cleansing your body. You should cleanse and balance your energy

Chakra balancing can be done at a distance since it is energy work.


In this meditation session you will be guided to achieve the balance. 

The investment is US$150/session or a package of 10 sessions at US$1,200 (all services are subject to Hawaii sales tax at 4.712%)

When you are my coaching client, you get this service included in the program.

To know what to expect and how to prepare for your virtual session, please book a complimentary consultation.

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