We learn from our children and parenting become a breeze.

When we see parenting as a learning experience, we stop judging ourselves for the mistakes we have made and we are more able to show vulnerability to our children, which is a good way for them to learn how to appreciate us even more.


With my experience with adults, I have learned how important our childhood is and the repercussions our upbringing can have on our adult selves. 


It affects how we interact with others, our relationship with food, our relationship with our bodies, the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for others, and how we give and accept forgiveness, among others. 


My guidance is about how you could be the best parent that you can, be without comparing yourself to others. 


I have practiced these techniques with my daughter and my clients also have used them with their kids with great results. 


You will immediately see the difference in how your children will respond to your newfound confidence of being in charge, because of the way you handle tumultuous energy, and not just because “I said so”. 


It is about energy exchange, the same type of energy exchange that we have with other adults and the same type that we put into the thoughts and words of our daily lives. 


If we accept this power/energy process, and we take advantage of it, our children will be happier, we will be happier, and of course, our relationships will be more harmonious, both inside and outside our home.


I share these tools in my free classes and my coaching program “The Aligned Way” (group or private). 



Are definitely different than us and our parents, we can not raise them the same way we were raised and for sure not the same way our parents were raised. It does not matter how old your children are, the tools can be applied at any age. 


Parenting could be not only the most rewarding experience but also the most important lesson of our lives. 


We learn from our relationships and our children are our big little masters. 


Parenting is easy if we let go of the need to control everything and let the lessons to come to us.


In my coaching program “The Aligned Way” I share the information from my best-selling book “Awaken Through Parenting” and other knowledge and experience I have learned since its publication in 2016.

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