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Applied Kinesiology – Julia Vergara


Uses muscle testing to find out imbalances in other parts of the body. 

This technique has been used for alternative doctors to diagnose and correct certain nervous system imbalances. 

It is based on the theory that there’s a connection between the muscles and the rest of the organs in our body. Muscle testing (weakness and strength) can give a lot of information about what is the body experiencing inside. Correcting the muscle, the imbalance will correct itself.


I learned this technique with the Mayans in 2012. I use it differently. I don’t use it to diagnose disease but spiritual imbalances. I also use it to find out what would be better for my client in terms of food, essential oils and supplements to take. You can use it also to make decisions.

As a holistic coach, I have learned that healing has a long-lasting or permanent effect when combined with a conversation. It is also important to do more than one session and commit to your healing. You are the one who allows the healing to take place.

This technique is included in all of the coaching programs at no cost to you.


This is not a passive process where I am the one who does the healing. It is a process where you are actively involved.


To know what to expect and how to prepare for your virtual session, please schedule a complimentary discovery call 

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