Healing is going back to alignment with Source, with who we really are.

I guide my clients to find that state.

There are different kind of healing techniques and I have divided them into two main groups

non-physical (80% of our existence) and physical (20% of our existence).

Non-physical ailments are going to be felt in our physical bodies, that’s why the non-physical techniques help your body to feel better and heal itself.

Non-Physical (Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Energetic):

Specialties: Reiki, Pranic Healing, EFT (Tapping), Crystals, Angel Therapy, Hawaiian Healing Techniques, Mayan Healing Techniques, Reprogramming the mind (Neuroscience concepts), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing), Emotional Intelligence and nutritional knowledge shared for healing.

All my coaching clients have access to this healing techniques at any time when needed and it adds a great amount of value to their coaching goals.

All my healing clients are open to receive coaching while getting any healing technique because it is the client who heals. I am only the instrument to remind them their healing abilities and guide them to access them, so the client needs to have an awareness, understanding and responsibility in their own healing.

All healing techniques require a commitment and it is better to get a series of sessions to achieve more stable/faster and long lasting results (even though one session will get immediate results).

These healing techniques are not meant to replace any medical advice or treatment, they help and compliment traditional medical approaches. Sometimes they have replaced it but it is not guarantee or advised.

Since the healing techniques are working on an energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental level, distant healing is as effective as in person. 

One session: $120 plus tax

Package of 10: $1,000 plus tax

Package of 20: $1,800 plus tax


If the person is going to have any kind of surgery (trauma or illness) is recommended to have at least two sessions before surgery (for protection and to decrease the “fight or flight” response). One session as soon as the person is out of surgery (to close their energetic, emotional, metal, spiritual bodies). Sessions should be daily to assure faster recovery and evaluate after 10 to have a new plan.


It is recommended to have sessions twice per week in order start changing body and mind patterns that cause the present situation. After 10 sessions, it could be once per week depending on the evaluation then. People may have different results at this point.

Angel Mediumship Therapy (Spirit Release Therapy): This is usually part of coaching but a non-coaching client can have access to this powerful technique. Who may need this? (everyone, but some behaviors could help to ask for a consultation and further evaluation):

These are some of the possible symptoms, but an assessment of the situation is necessary in order to recognize that this is the right therapy at that moment.

Several therapies are needed in order to clean the interference from the client:

The first one should be a day long, after half day sessions are ok for the first 3 months. After the 3 half day sessions done (once per month) is recommended to have a tune up every 3 months for the first 6 months. Later, every 6 months for the next couple of years or until the client takes charge and has the habit of protection and this is not a common occurrence anymore.

Half Day (3-4 hours): $700 plus tax

Full Day (6-8 hours): $1,200 plus tax

Recommended treatment:

  1. One full day plus 3 half day sessions (once per month after full day): $2,700 plus tax
  2. 2 half day sessions (every 3 months): $1,000 plus tax

    Physical (not offered while masks are mandatory):

    Massage Therapy

    Specialties: Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) and Pre-natal massage

    First Massage $95 plus tax

    After first: $85 plus tax

    Package of 5 massages: $400 plus tax (after first massage)