Pre-natal Massage Workshop January 2018 (3 non-consecutive Days):

Understanding the work schedule busy massage therapists have, I created this class to be taught during 3 non-consecutive days!!

As soon as I start having interested people, we would make days work for everyone.

Location: TBA 

Class Schedule

Day 1

Theory (#1-5) – 2 hours

Practical (#6) – 4 hours

1. Benefits of Prenatal Massage 

2. Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body. Understanding the Trimesters of Pregnancy   

3. Emotional, Psychological Changes and practical concerns during Pregnancy  

4. Safe massage positioning for pregnant women

5. Massage Consultation for a pregnant client    

6. Pregnancy massage techniques (demonstration and practice)

Day 2

Theory (#7-9) – 2 hours

Practical (#6) – 4 hours

7. Guidelines for pregnancy massage for each trimester

8. Precautions and contraindications for pregnancy massage:

    Diagnosis as High Risk Pregnancy        

    Pre-term Labor                    




    Gestational Diabetes             

    Deep Vein Thrombosis     

    Varicose Veins       

9. Massage for high risk pregnancies

10. Pregnancy massage techniques (demonstration and practice)

Day 3

Practice on pregnant women (Two massages)

NOTE: Please keep in mind that there are no refunds.

Investment: $270

Early bird if paid before December 31st 2017: $240

Non-refundable deposit due on December 15th 2017: $120

If final payment is not received by January 5th, 2018 means that you are not longer interested in taking the workshop and if deposit has been given will be lost.

Payment Plan

How everything started…

I am super passionate about pregnancy and babies and their wellbeing. I had a great pregnancy, labor, delivery that I want everyone to have that experience to some degree. One of the things I did during my pregnancy was to get massages and my MT in Miami was phenomenal.

Anyway, I became a massage therapist more than 10 years ago graduating from a school in Miami, Florida. I got Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage Certifications  with an Associate Degree in Natural Health.

In 2005 I got my prenatal certification and I enjoyed to give massages to pregnant women so much that I became really good at it. After receiving massages during my whole pregnancy and having a natural birth to my daughter in 2008, I saw the benefits of both that I continued my education and got the training to be an instructor of Natural Childbirth and Doula Certification by the Bradley Method (I continue teaching these classes). I think this has been the turning point of my skills as a massage therapist for this special population and the knowledge of the pregnant body.

I am more knowledgable about the pregnant body and needs during pregnancy, possible risks and safety concerns during this precious time that make the whole experience for the mom-to-be extraordinary and for me very special and empowering.

Pre-natal massage is not just side line position massage, it is a nourishing experience for the three people involved.

I have met so many therapists at both ends of the rainbow (so to speak): some are afraid of the pre-natal massage or about putting in danger the pregnant woman. The others (which is really scary in my opinion) are too confident about what they are doing and could actually be potentially risky.

I have been an instructor for couple of colleges in Florida and one here in Honolulu and it has been one of the most rewarding careers I have had. I learn so much from my students that it is a win win situation. I am passionate about everything I do and I like to inspire and “upgrade” anyone I became in contact with.

You will have so much fun learning among this hand-pick group of students.

Lomi Lomi I Workshop (TBA):

Please keep in mind that there are no refunds.

Investment: $240

If final payment is not received by … means that you are not longer interested in taking the workshop.

Payment Plan

Lomi Lomi II Workshop (Advanced Techniques) (TBA):

Lomi Lomi I is pre-requisite to be able to take this Advanced Techniques Workshop unless you show proficiency in Lomi Lomi basic techniques.

Please keep in mind that the deposit due on … (to reserve your spot) is non-refundable: $100 but it will be applied to the total cost of the workshop.

Investment: $290
Early bird special if paid in full before …: $250

If final payment is not received by … means that you are not longer interested in taking the workshop and deposit will be lost.

Payment Plan