Vision Board Retreat

December 6th, 7th or 8th

Location: TBA (Honolulu)

Only $107 (Value $700)

When you make a Vision Board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life. 

Once you get clarity, you elect images and words from magazines, and paste them on a bog poster board. Seeing this board every day aligns your brain with the outcomes you want to attract.

It sounds pretty simple. (And yes, there is a process to make your Vision Board more powerful).

So why doesn’t everyone create Vision Boards? 

Well, in my experience a s a life coach most of us never make the time. We let our busy, distracted lives keep us eel, busy and distracted. I teach my clients to make their own vision board and actually is a homework they have to show me when done.

 It’s time to change that!

I am hosting A VISION-BOARD RETREAT like no other…

It’s a full day immersion for you to focus on your authentic life, core clarity and ideal outcomes. 

You are giving this day to yourself because you are always giving to others and forgetting a little about yourself.

You are investing in your own happiness because you know how others will benefit from a happier mom, co-worker, spouse, employee, boss or any other hat you may have.

Early bird price until Monday of that week: $107

After that Monday: $127

On Thursday that week or after: $137

Early Bird Price



This is an unique experience that only my clients experience when they are working with me for a series of sessions, but I have created a shorter version for you because may be you just started to understand the power of coaching, or need a time away from distractions and do this for yourself, or want to decompress from your busy life while doing something productive and soul nourishing at the same time.

After paying you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the location address, details of what to bring and how to dress.

If you have friends you would like to do this workshop with on a different date, please contact me (minimum 3 people): lifecoach@juliavergara.com