Life Coach Star Lokahi SPECIAL

If you live in Hawaii, I have a special and personal surprise bonus that will help you to relax before we start with the emotional, mind and spiritual work.


First time coaching clients only and it is only applicable if you sign up for the 6 months program (believe me that time is needed).

This special time you are giving to yourself will bring you well-being and you will feel balanced and in charge of your life, health, and goals.

Transitions/changes might be overwhelming, challenging, irritating, shameful and even out of control. BUT!!! It doesn’t have to be. I have not only the training but the experience to have succeeded in every change I have made in my life and the more I do them the better I get at them…practice makes perfect. It has not happen JUST TO ME because I am special or too different than you, I applied certain behavior and I have the connection to my destiny that have made me succeed so far.

I have been teaching the same techniques to connect with your soul and destiny to understand lessons that I applied and all my clients have succeeded. It is a proven method, it just works! It does not matter how stubborn you are, I was…but my coach (like me) had a lot of patience with me and took me to the other side safely. Since then I have encountered different changes and I have used the same techniques with the same results. 

Basically you will get the results if you apply these simple but not common techniques.

Besides having a great transition in your new life/project, you will set goals for your personal and professional life. Yes, sometimes we get lost in the drama and limiting beliefs about how change is stressful and difficult. We are the ones who can create a better experience regardless of how we were raised, our beliefs until today, gender or any other alibi you may think of.

If you feel you need to talk about how working with me can help you. Schedule a consultation today: calendly.com/juliavergara/discoverycall and get some clarity.

Spots will go really fast, who does not want a free massage????

If you are ready, I am ready for you.

Weekly sessions of about an hour long are needed to actually make progress and the length of the program will depend on each case.

Pay in Full


Payment Plan 3 month Program

Payment Plan 6 month Program