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6 sessions will give you immediate comfort and clarity…

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6 Transformational Sessions


This is for you if you fall into any of the following categories:

Need guidance about a situation now that is wasting your time and energy trying to solve or figure it out on your own.

Want to try the power of coaching.

Looking for some healing and clarity over an issue from the past that you can’t let go.

As a transformational coach I specialize in helping women with changes in their lives, either because they were forced to do the change or because they are looking for one.

Transitions/changes might be overwhelming, challenging, irritating, shameful and even out of control. BUT!!! It doesn’t have to be. I have not only the training but the experience to have succeeded in every change I have made in my life and the more I do them the better I get at them…practice makes perfect. It has not happened JUST TO ME because I am special or too different than you. I applied certain tools, I am connected to my destiny and that have made me succeed so far.

All my clients have succeeded applying the same techniques I have applied to my life. They have regained the connection with their soul and destiny, they have understood lessons and are now in a happier place and in control of their lives. It is a proven method, it just works! It does not matter how stubborn you are, I was…but my coach (like me) had a lot of patience with me and took me to the other side safely. Since then I have encountered different changes and I have used the same techniques with the same results.

I understand you may want more than 3 sessions, but at least with this start you will regain control and will have a better idea of how your new balanced, feminine, successful life could look like.

Basically you will get the results if you apply these simple but not common techniques.

Besides having a great transition in your new life/project, you will set goals for your personal and professional life. Yes, sometimes we get lost in the drama and limiting beliefs about how change is stressful and difficult. We are the ones who can create a better experience regardless of how we were raised, our beliefs until today, gender or any other alibi you may think of.


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If you are ready, I am ready for you.

During this short time with me:

You will get some tools and techniques to increase your intuition so you can make decisions at ease.

You will get some healing or start the process of healing past or present situations.

You will get some clear plan about solving the situation or healing process.

You will start your journey to loving yourself and show up in the world unapologetically.


You will feel empowered to take charge of your life/destiny and know that guidance and accountability is essential in this process.

The sessions are on the phone, once per week and include:

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6 Transformational Sessions