Life Coach Star Lokahi*:

Includes 12 or 24 Life Coach Sessions. This packages will bring you well-being and you will feel balanced and in charge of your life, health, and goals. Each session includes examining the challenges you would like to overcome in your life, setting goals for your personal and professional life, assigning tasks to accomplish, along with guided relaxation/meditation time. The amount of sessions will depend on the needs of each client after assessment.

Length of Program

Life Coach Boost Lokahi* (Intensive):

Includes half day or full day Life Coach Session at a very exclusive location (Skype sessions are available) and an additional 20 minutes of Reiki**. The methods used in this session will help you heal yourself on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. It will create a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind. The session includes examining immediate challenges you may be facing in the upcoming weeks or days that you’d like to overcome and the resolutions that can help get you there. You will have clarity about what to do next to achieve your goals while maintaining balance. You will have the tools needed to keep you on track towards those goals. You can add these intensives to any package with a discounted price.

Length of Program

New to Transformation Coach Lokahi*:

If you want to try what coaching is about and how could help you. This package has been designed to start with. I am confident that after trying it you will continue with a longer program that will take you farther in your path. This package of three sessions will start a shift you want to make in your life, from knowing what you want in your career or relationships or having clarity about moving forward in a certain direction.

Amount of Sessions