Our children are different
We are more and more experiencing a different generation of children. They do not only know how to operate a cell phone, a computer, but also sometimes they prefer them over other things. Some people would say that this could be because they are exposed to those electronics that we were not exposed before, it could be, but knowing how to handle them sometimes before even you show them how, is another story.

Children of this era, not only know what they want, but also they are letting us know loudly. When I say loudly, I am not talking about yelling or screaming, I am talking about the strength of their will showing up as early as while in the womb.

I have talked to several parents with different backgrounds and beliefs, and most of them affirmed that they know they have a different type of child at home that does not behave quite like they did when they were kids.

These children are more sensitive, more artistic, nature and animal lovers, fearless, just to mentioned a few characteristics. Some could be more active, even diagnosed with ADHD or similar. Others could be as calm as the water in a lake in the morning, and what they project is just love. Everywhere they go, they fill up the room with love.

We sometimes do not notice all these characteristics because we are too busy with our work, our partner, family, friends, economical problems or other things that we get distracted by in our lives. The fact that we do not see them does not mean that those characteristics are not present.

Children of this era do not respect authority without a reason. If our grandparents or even our parents used to say: “Because I said so”, and it worked for them, it does not mean it will work with our children.

The same way science and technology moves forward and develops new ways of doing things, parenthood and education need to do the same.

Wanting to raise our children with old schemes, will not only do not work, but also could frustrate their own life mission.

We spend great amount of time in our lives trying to find our life’s purpose and we sometimes need spiritual guidance to find it. We could be those spiritual guides for our children if we want to.

However, we need to start with us:
– Are you happy at your workplace, with your partner, with your family?
– Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you know how to find it?
– Do you want to improve the way you are raising your children?
– If you are not happy, how can your children will be happy?
– If you do not know what your mission in life or life’s purpose is, it is nearly impossible for you to help your children in finding and developing theirs!

The answers to these questions will give you an idea of where to start.


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